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TerraNova Fragrance Gifts

Give the most personal, gracious gift to that someone special! TerraNova fragrance gifts offer variety, value and convenience! They'll love being pampered in luxury - treat them to a luscious island getaway or a renewing replenishing retreat!

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Aire "Light & Luminous" Value Set

A perfectly pampering value gift of Aire's most popular items.

: $54.00 ($63.00 retail value)
Aire Body Lotion Aire Body Lotion with Hydrating White Tea & Aloe

Make this silky fragrant moisturizer part of your daily beauty routine for healthy skin.

: $20.00
Aire Body Oil with Silkening Vitamin E Aire Body Oil with Silkening Vitamin E

Envelop skin in the luminous aroma of Aire, as you smooth on this vitamin E rich body and bath oil.

: $20.00
Aire Body Wash Aire Body Wash with Softening Orchid

Rediscover supple skin with this soap-free gel infused with softening orchid and the soft, calming scent of Aire.

: $18.00
Aire Cologne Mist Aire Cologne Mist

Aire's feminine, light-on-your-feet scent is always perfectly fitting.

: $32.00
terra nova aire perfume essence Aire Perfume Essence

Embrace your beauty with a touch of alcohol-free, luminous Aire perfume oil on pulse points.

: $20.00
Aire Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box

This feminine light-on-your-feet, alcohol-free roll on fragrance is bundled in a beautiful silver gift box. We'll include your gift note and it is ready for giving!

: $20.00
China Lily Perfume Essence China Lily Perfume Essence

China Lily is a dreamy blend of fresh breezes and hyacinth melded with sweet muguet and jasmine.

: $18.00
China Musk Perfume Essence China Musk Perfume Essence

A customer favorite for over 40 years, China Musk is a clean, fresh and original signature scent.

: $18.00
China Rain Perfume China Rain Perfume Essence

Our top selling fragrance is this original, authentic China Rain oil which was created by our family over 40 years ago.

: $18.00
Gardenia "Queen of Tropical Flowers" Value Set

A perfectly pampering, value gift set of Gardenia's most popular items.

: $46.00 ($52.50 retail value)
Gardenia Cologne Mist Gardenia Cologne Mist

A rich, graceful and lingering spritz of Gardenia flowers will leave you feeling elegant.

: $30.00
Gardenia Body Wash Gardenia Hydrating Body Wash

A richly moisturizing, foamy cleanser infused with the graceful scent of Gardenia blossoms.

: $14.50
Gardenia Perfume Essence Gardenia Perfume Essence

This purest form of fragrance imparts the long-lasting aroma of velvety Gardenia blossoms.

: $18.00
gardenia pure glycerin soap Gardenia Pure Glycerin Soap

A creamy, generous glycerin soap bar infused with the scent of rich gardenias.

: $6.20
gardenia silky body oil Gardenia Silky Body Oil

This massage oil infused with the aroma of Gardenia blossoms leaves skin feeling supple, smooth and graceful.

: $18.00
Gift Certificate

Pamper friends and family with a gift certificate for TerraNova products.

Invigorating Mesh Body Sponge

Invigorating mesh body sponge for use with your favorite TerraNova Bath or Shower gels.

: $3.00
Island Escapes Travel Petal Soft Lotion Kit

Experience Terranova's magical island scents with this assortment of travel sized Petal Soft Lotions.

: $20.00
Island Song Coco Mango Perfume Touch Island Song Coco Mango Perfume Touch

A touch of paradise on pulse-points transports the mind and uplifts the spirits.

: $14.00
Natural Agave Wash Cloth

Hand-woven, eco-friendly, 100% natural agave wash cloth for gentle cleansing or exfoliation

: $11.00
NEW Patchouli Essential Oil & Soap Duo

Perfectly paired Patchouli Essential Oil Perfume & Glycerin Soap Gift Set

: $24.00
NEW Pure Patchouli Glycerin Soap

100% vegetable based, patchouli essential oil, glycerin bath bar.

: $5.75
Organic Oasis Green Coffee & Yerba Mate Body Scrub

Gently buff away impurities revealing fresh new skin without irritation.

This product has been discontinued. Please see this product's page for other product options.

: $17.00
Patchouli 100% Natural Essential Oil Patchouli Essential Oil

For thousands of years, this pure patchouli essential oil has been used in elegant perfumery. Rich, woodsy, sensual, & mysterious.

: $18.00
Pikake "Hawaiian Flower of Romance" Value Set

A perfectly pampering, value gift set of Pikake's most popular items.

: $46.00 ($52.50 retail value)
Pikake Cologne Mist Pikake Cologne Mist

Spray on a blissful and lingering spritz of tropical Pikake blossoms.

: $30.00
Pikake Hydrating Body Wash Pikake Hydrating Body Wash

This richly foaming gel is infused with the dreamy scent of Hawaiian Pikake, plus soothing tropical botanicals.

: $14.50
Pikake Hydrating Body Wash Pikake Hydrating Body Wash -- Travel Size

This richly gel is infused soothing tropical botanicals to soothe skin. TSA approved size.

: $5.00
Pikake Perfume Essence Pikake Perfume Essence

Dab on this luscious and rich essence of tropical Pikake blossoms.

: $18.00
Pikake Perfume Value Set Pikake Perfume Value Set

This beautiful ready made value set includes a Pikake Perfume Essence and a Pikake Petal Soft Lotion.

: $19.00 (a $21.00 retail value)
Pikake Petal Soft Lotion Pikake Petal Soft Lotion

A light, softening hand and body lotion infused with the scent of lush Hawaiian jasmines.

: $18.00
Pikake Petal Soft Lotion -- Travel Size

Age-defying anti-oxidants green tea and vitamin E, plus beautifying hibiscus. TSA approved size.

: $5.00
Pikake pure glycerin soap Pikake Pure Glycerin Soap

A creamy-rich, generous glycerin soap bar infused with the scent of hawaiian pikake flowers.

: $6.20
pikake Shea & Cocoa Softest Skin Body Butter Pikake Shea & Cocoa Body Butter

Super-emollient, Pikake infused body butter softens skin for a supple, radiant glow.

: $21.00
pikake silky body oil Pikake Silky Body Oil

Pure plant oils make this soothing tropical balm ideal for a gorgeous tropical spa experience.

: $18.00
pikake to go kit Pikake Travel "To Go" Kit

Indulge in a tropical escape anywhere life may take you - gym, office or weekend getaway!

: $22.00
Pikake Watermist Travel Size Pikake Watermist - Travel Size

This refreshing, fragrant mist softens skin with tropical botanicals. Spray this island magic after bath and throughout the day! Alcohol-free and TSA approved.

: $5.00
Plumeria "Brilliant Blossoms" Value Set

A perfectly pampering value gift set of Plumeria's most popular items.

: $46.00 ($52.50 retail value)
Plumeria Cologne Mist Plumeria Cologne Mist

A dreamy and lingering spritz of exotic Plumeria blossoms.

: $30.00