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Classic TerraNova Oils

Our classic and popular TerraNova oils are beautiful, timeless alcohol-free perfumes created by our family over 45 years ago. Choose from our three original & best selling musk fragrances to dab on pulse points: China Rain, China Musk, or China Lily. For something a little more "earthy" try our Patchouli Essential Perfume Oil, a favorite unisex fragrance loved by men and women alike for its calming and aphrodisiac properties.

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China Lily Perfume Essence China Lily Perfume Essence

China Lily is a dreamy blend of fresh breezes and hyacinth melded with sweet muguet and jasmine.

: $18.00
China Musk Perfume Essence China Musk Perfume Essence

A customer favorite for over 40 years, China Musk is a clean, fresh and original signature scent.

: $18.00
China Rain Perfume China Rain Perfume Essence

Our top selling fragrance is this original, authentic China Rain oil which was created by our family over 40 years ago.

: $18.00
NEW! Ile de Santal Perfume Essence

Carry us away to a beautiful, island ambience with notes of creamy coconut, smooth sandalwood and sensual white musk. Perfect for men and women alike. Sexy, rich and warm.

: $18.00
NEW! Lotus Blush Perfume Essence

A delicate and perfectly balanced heart of juicy mandarin, sweet pear and freesia petals, laced in dewy lotus blossom, bamboo and amber. Feminine, flirty and sheer.

: $18.00
NEW! Oceana Perfume Essence

Back by popular demand! Evoking the coolness of sea spray and the energy of rolling waves, Oceana is a complex scent of layered marine moss, green leaves, jasmine and spice.

: $18.00
Fig + Sambac Perfume Essence NEW! Fig + Sambac Perfume Essence

Ripe Grecian figs entwined in delicate jasmine vines, cedar, vetiver and musk for an exquisite wearability. Lush Mediterranean memories.

: $18.00
Patchouli 100% Natural Essential Oil Patchouli Essential Oil

For thousands of years, this pure patchouli essential oil has been used in elegant perfumery.

: $18.00