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GS-010   Aire "Light & Luminous" Value Set
BL-010-08-C   Aire Body Lotion with Hydrating White Tea & Aloe
SO-010-08-C   Aire Body Oil with Silkening Vitamin E
BW-010-08-C   Aire Body Wash with Softening Orchid
CM-010-02-C   Aire Cologne Mist
PO-010-92-C   Aire Perfume Essence
PS-010   Aire Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box
PO-062-93-C   China Lily Perfume Essence
PO-065-93-C   China Musk Perfume Essence
PO-068-93-C   China Rain Perfume Essence
PO-111-93-C   Fig + Sambac Perfume Essence
GS-125   Gardenia "Queen of Tropical Flowers" Value Set
CM-125-03-C   Gardenia Cologne Mist
BW-125-08-C   Gardenia Hydrating Body Wash
PO-125-92-C   Gardenia Perfume Essence
BL-125-08-C   Gardenia Petal Soft Lotion
SB-125-12-C   Gardenia Pure Glycerin Soap
MC-125-05-C   Gardenia Shea & Cocoa Body Butter
SO-125-08-C   Gardenia Silky Body Oil
PO-213-93-C   Ile de Santal Perfume Essence
IS-188-01-C   Invigorating Mesh Body Sponge
TK-903-C   Island Escapes Travel Petal Soft Lotion Kit
PO-085-93-B   Island Song Coco Mango Perfume Touch
PO-188-93-C   Lotus Blush Perfume Essence
AG-626-01-C   Natural Agave Wash Cloth
PO-265-213   NEW Patchouli & Ile de Santal Peace & Joy Perfume Duet
GS-265   NEW Patchouli Essential Oil & Soap Duo
PO-290-125   NEW Plumeria & Gardenia Peace & Joy Perfume Duet
SB-265-01-C   NEW Pure Patchouli Glycerin Soap
PO-035-93-C   Oceana Perfume Essence
MK-250-10-C   Organic Oasis Green Coffee & Yerba Mate Body Scrub
BL-393-10-C   Organic Oasis Ylang Ylang & Wild Ginger Body Lotion
MO-393-09-C   Organic Oasis Ylang Ylang and Wild Ginger Massage Oil
PO-265-93-C   Patchouli Essential Oil
GS-277   Pikake "Hawaiian Flower of Romance" Value Set
BM-277-04-C   Pikake Botanical Watermist
CM-277-03-C   Pikake Cologne Mist
BW-277-12-C   Pikake Hydrating Body Wash
BW-277-02-C   Pikake Hydrating Body Wash -- Travel Size
PO-277-92-C   Pikake Perfume Essence
PS-277   Pikake Perfume Value Set
BL-277-08-C   Pikake Petal Soft Lotion
BL-277-02-C   Pikake Petal Soft Lotion -- Travel Size
SB-277-12-C   Pikake Pure Glycerin Soap
MC-277-05-C   Pikake Shea & Cocoa Body Butter
SO-277-08-C   Pikake Silky Body Oil
TK-277-C   Pikake Travel "To Go" Kit
BM-277-02-C   Pikake Watermist - Travel Size
GS-290   Plumeria "Brilliant Blossoms" Value Set
CM-290-03-C   Plumeria Cologne Mist
BW-290-08-C   Plumeria Hydrating Body Wash
PO-290-92-C   Plumeria Perfume Essence
BL-290-08-C   Plumeria Petal Soft Lotion
SB-290-12-C   Plumeria Pure Glycerin Soap
MC-290-05-C   Plumeria Shea & Cocoa Body Butter
SO-290-08-C   Plumeria Silky Body Oil
GS-300   Rain "Sparkling & Renewing" Value Set
BL-300-09-C   Rain Body Lotion with Replenishing Calendula
MO-300-09-C   Rain Body Oil With Rejuvenating Evening Primrose
CM-300-03-C   Rain Cologne Mist
PO-300-92-C   Rain Perfume Essence
PS-300   Rain Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box
MC-300-05-C   Rain Remedy Cream Amazing Moisture for Tresses-to-Toes
BW-300-09-C   Rain Shower & Bath Gel with Hydrating Sea Kelp
BM-300-04-C   Rain Silky Body Mist
PO-335-92-C   Sakura & Green Tea Perfume Essence
GS-339   Shea Blossom "Amazing Moisture" Value Set
BL-339-10-C   Shea Blossom Body Lotion with Shea Butter & Marula Oil
SO-339-10-C   Shea Blossom Body Oil with Replenishing Shea, Baobab & Argan Oils
CM-339-04-C   Shea Blossom Cologne Mist
PO-339-92-C   Shea Blossom Perfume Essence
PS-339   Shea Blossom Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box
MC-339-04-C   Shea Blossom Remedy Cream Amazing Moisture for Tresses-to-Toes
BW-339-10-C   Shea Blossom Shower Cream with Hydrating Blue Agave
GS-364   Tiare Lei "Gifted with a Kiss" Value Set
MK-364-08-C   Tiare Lei Buffing Body Wash with Bamboo & Coffee
CM-364-03-C   Tiare Lei Cologne Mist
BW-364-08-C   Tiare Lei Island Shower Gel with Awapuhi & Kukui Oil
PO-364-92-C   Tiare Lei Perfume Essence
PS-364   Tiare Lei Perfume Value Set
BL-364-08-C   Tiare Lei Petal Soft Lotion
BL-364-02-C   Tiare Lei Petal Soft Lotion -- Travel Size
SO-364-08-C   Tiare Lei Silky Body Oil with Monoi Oil & Vitamin E
GS-368   Tuberose "Sensual & Sheer" Value Set
CM-368-03-C   Tuberose Cologne Mist
BW-368-08-C   Tuberose Hydrating Body Wash
BW-368-02-C   Tuberose Hydrating Body Wash -- Travel Size
PO-368-92-C   Tuberose Perfume Essence
PS-368   Tuberose Perfume Value Set
BL-368-08-C   Tuberose Petal Soft Lotion
BL-368-02-C   Tuberose Petal Soft Lotion -- Travel Size
MC-368-05-C   Tuberose Shea & Cocoa Body Butter
SO-368-08-C   Tuberose Silky Body Oil
SO-368-02-C   Tuberose Silky Body Oil -- Travel Size
GFT-VALENTINE   Valentine's Gift Certificate
Volusion-Test-1   Volusion Test Item
PO-388-92-C   WaterPetals Perfume Essence
GS-394   White Ginger "Delicate as Butterflies" Value Set
CM-394-03-C   White Ginger Cologne Mist
BW-394-12-C   White Ginger Hydrating Body Wash
BW-394-02-C   White Ginger Hydrating Body Wash--Travel Size
PO-394-92-C   White Ginger Perfume Essence
PS-394   White Ginger Perfume Value Set
BL-394-08-C   White Ginger Petal Soft Lotion
BL-394-02-C   White Ginger Petal Soft Lotion -- Travel Size
SB-394-12-C   White Ginger Pure Glycerin Soap
SO-394-08-C   White Ginger Silky Body Oil
SO-394-02-C   White Ginger Silky Body Oil -- Travel Size

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