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Terranova Plumeria Collection

You’ll love the authentic Plumeria fragrance of this exquisite island collection that perfectly captures the true aroma and radiance of gorgeous, tropical Plumeria flowers. Dab on a few drops of lush plumeria oil on pulse points and you’ll be instantly transported to an island oasis. Each sun kissed formula is enriched with nourishing island botanicals and vitamins, and scented with our beautiful plumeria perfume leaving skin incredibly soft and irresistibly fragrant.
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Plumeria "Brilliant Blossoms" Value Set

A perfectly pampering value gift set of Plumeria's most popular items.

: $46.00 ($52.50 retail value)
Plumeria Cologne Mist Plumeria Cologne Mist

A dreamy and lingering spritz of exotic Plumeria blossoms.

: $30.00
Plumeria Hydrating Body Wash Plumeria Hydrating Body Wash

A luxuriously foaming gel infused with the dreamy scent of Plumeria, and soothing island botanicals.

: $14.50
Plumeria perfume essence Plumeria Perfume Essence

The purest form of alcohol-free Plumeria fragrance offers a lasting island memory.

: $17.50
Plumeria Petal Soft Lotion Plumeria Petal Soft Lotion

This silky lotion melts into skin and lifts the spirits with the fragrant embrace of Plumeria blossoms.

: $18.00
plumeria pure glycerin soap Plumeria Pure Glycerin Soap

A creamy, generous glycerin soap bar infused with the scent of brilliant plumerias.

: $6.00
Plumeria Shea & Cocoa Softest Skin Body Butter Plumeria Shea & Cocoa Body Butter

Super-emollient, Plumeria infused body butter softens skin for a supple, radiant glow.

This product has been discontinued. Please see this product's page for other product options.

: $21.00
plumeria silky body oil Plumeria Silky Body Oil

Indulge in an exquisite island spa experience with the scent of freshly picked Plumeria blossoms.

: $18.00