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TerraNova Perfume Collection

Dab on TerraNova's gorgeous, alcohol-free perfume oils on pulse points to release their heavenly aromas. From our velvety Gardenia Perfume Essence to our essential oil Patchouli Perfume Essence, TerraNova perfumes offer a wide variety of exotic and unique scent journeys. Select our Plumeria Perfume Essence for a sweet and spicy combination or pick up a bottle of our popular Pikake Perfume Essence and enjoy the rich aromas of this Hawaiian jasmine blossom. For those looking for something a little lighter, we recommend our Hawaiian White Ginger Perfume Essence delicate with a hint of rainforest mist, or our original and immensely popular China Rain Perfume Essence - which artfully blends crisp greens, white lilies and Chinese blossoms into a delicate yet refreshing fragrance. No matter which scent you select, rest assured that all TerraNova perfume oils are made from high quality ingredients and are lovingly crafted in the U.S.A.