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TerraNova Rain Collection

TerraNova's bestselling Rain Fragrance Collection unveils its gorgeous new makeover! This collection features the same original, fresh and clean Rain scent and skin care formulas that customers have been in love with for over 45 years; packaged in a beautiful new presentation that is perfect for gift giving!

Rain is a crystalline scent derived from nature itself, exquisitely fresh, clean and renewing. Invigorating aromas of dewy clover and Spring lilies burst forth to awaken your senses, while a veil of sheer musk creates an aura of delicate sensuality.

If you love the fragrance of TerraNova Rain, you'll love our Shea Blossom Fragrance bath, body, and perfume too - wear them interchangeably to fit your mood or special occasion!

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Rain Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitzer Rain Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer with Organic Aloe

Rain refreshes in this moisturizing Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer enriched with hydrating glycerin and soothing organic aloe.

: $18.00
Rain Nourishing Body Lotion Rain Body Lotion with Replenishing Calendula

Shower dry, thirsty skin with moisture when you smooth on this silky Rain lotion.

: $21.00
Rain Massage & Body Oil Rain Body Oil With Rejuvenating Evening Primrose

Reveal sexy skin when you smooth on this silky refreshing oil infused with restorative evening primrose and vitamin E.

: $20.00
Rain Cologne Mist Rain Cologne Mist

Spray on exquisite Rain cologne, and revel in its beautiful fresh, clean simplicity.

: $32.00
Rain Germ-Busting + Skin Softening Value Gift Set Rain Germ-Busting + Skin Softening Value Gift Set

The perfect gift to cleanse, guard against germs and nourish!

: $40.00 ($46.00 retail value)
Rain Glycerin Soap Rain Glycerin Soap

100% vegetable based, Rain fragrance, glycerin bath bar.

: $6.00
terra nova rain perfume essence Rain Perfume Essence

Our #1 best selling favorite, this pure essence of universally loved Rain renews the spirits with delicate sensuality.

: $20.00
Rain Shea Butter Hand & Body Cream Rain Remedy Cream Amazing Moisture for Tresses-to-Toes

Our "Tresses to Toes" moisturizer provides non-greasy moisture for everything from face, hands, feet, to hair and a fresh scent.

: $20.00
Rain Moisturizing Shower Gel Rain Shower & Bath Gel with Hydrating Sea Kelp

Rain sparkles in this luxurious, shower and bath gel infused with mineralizing sea kelp.

: $18.00
Rain Hydrating Body Mist Rain Silky Body Mist

Alcohol-free, this delicately scented Rain body mist refreshes and softens skin.

: $16.00
Save 25% $12.00