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Aire Rain Shea Blossom

TerraNova Signature Bath & Body Collection

TerraNova's Signature fragrances include three exquisite fragrance collections that represent what TerraNova is best known for: original, crystalline fragrances that are fresh, clean and renewing; and whose gorgeous simplicity blend into your day seamlessly to make you feel beautiful and pampered in all of life's occasions.

Whether it's TerraNova's best-selling Rain Fragrance, Shea Blossom Fragrance, or our newest Aire Fragrance Collection...we're sure that you'll find your "signature" fragrance!

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Aire Body Lotion Aire Body Lotion with Hydrating White Tea & Aloe

Make this silky fragrant moisturizer part of your daily beauty routine for healthy skin.

: $20.00
Aire Cologne Mist Aire Cologne Mist

Aire's feminine, light-on-your-feet scent is always perfectly fitting.

: $30.00
Sorry discontinued - Try Rain Cologne Mist
terra nova aire perfume essence Aire Perfume Essence

Embrace your beauty with a touch of alcohol-free, luminous Aire perfume oil on pulse points.

: $20.00
Aire Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box Aire Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box

This feminine light-on-your-feet, alcohol-free roll on fragrance is bundled in a beautiful silver gift box. We'll include your gift note and it is ready for giving!

: $20.00
NEW Rain Glycerin Soap NEW Rain Glycerin Soap

100% vegetable based, Rain fragrance, glycerin bath bar.

: $5.75
Rain "Sparkling & Renewing" Value Set Rain "Sparkling & Renewing" Value Set

A perfectly pampering value gift of Rain's most popular items.

: $54.00 ($63.00 retail value)
Rain Nourishing Body Lotion Rain Body Lotion with Replenishing Calendula

Shower dry, thirsty skin with moisture when you smooth on this silky Rain lotion.

: $20.00
Rain Massage & Body Oil Rain Body Oil With Rejuvenating Evening Primrose

Reveal sexy skin when you smooth on this silky refreshing oil infused with restorative evening primrose and vitamin E.

: $20.00
Rain Cologne Mist Rain Cologne Mist

Spray on exquisite Rain cologne, and revel in its beautiful fresh, clean simplicity.

: $32.00
terra nova rain perfume essence Rain Perfume Essence

Our #1 best selling favorite, this pure essence of universally loved Rain renews the spirits with delicate sensuality.

: $20.00
Rain Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box Rain Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box

Original Rain, our fresh, clean classic alcohol-free roll-on fragrance is bundled in a beautiful silver gift box. We supply the gift note and it is ready for giving.

: $20.00
Rain Shea Butter Hand & Body Cream Rain Remedy Cream Amazing Moisture for Tresses-to-Toes

Our "Tresses to Toes" moisturizer provides non-greasy moisture for everything from face, hands, feet, to hair and a fresh scent.

: $20.00
Rain Moisturizing Shower Gel Rain Shower & Bath Gel with Hydrating Sea Kelp

Rain sparkles in this luxurious, shower and bath gel infused with mineralizing sea kelp.

: $18.00
Rain Hydrating Body Mist Rain Silky Body Mist

Alcohol-free, this delicately scented Rain body mist refreshes and softens skin.

: $16.00
Shea Blossom "Amazing Moisture" Value Set Shea Blossom "Amazing Moisture" Value Set

A perfectly pampering value gift of Shea Blossom's most popular items.

: $54.00 (a $63.00 value)
Shea Butter Daily Skin Smoother Body Lotion Shea Blossom Body Lotion with Shea Butter & Marula Oil

This fast absorbing cream is enriched with ultra-effective Shea butter, plus Africa's miracle oils - marula, argan and baobab.

: $21.00
shea butter massage & body oil Shea Blossom Body Oil with Replenishing Shea, Baobab & Argan Oils

Love the skin you're in with this silky-rich and restoring Shea, argan and marula body oil blend.

: $20.00
shea blossom cologne mist Shea Blossom Cologne Mist

Spray on this heavenly Shea Blossom cologne to uplift the spirits and start your day bright.

: $32.00
shea blossom perfume essence Shea Blossom Perfume Essence

A gentle touch of this heavenly, alcohol-free perfume will start your day bright.

: $20.00
Shea Blossom Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box Shea Blossom Perfume Essence with FREE Gift Box

Our ambrosial, alcohol-free roll-on fragrance, melds sparkling sunshine, green citrus and warm spice to brighten your spirits. Ready for giving--we'll include a gift card!

: $20.00
shea butter bath and shower gel Shea Blossom Shower Cream with Hydrating Blue Agave

Infused with ultra rich Shea butter and hydrating blue agave, this creamy cleanser is kind to the skin.

: $18.00
Valentine's Gift Certificate Valentine's Gift Certificate

Pamper friends and family with a gift certificate for TerraNova products.