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TerraNova Traditions Classic Perfume Oils

Our classic and popular TerraNova Traditions perfume oils are beautiful, timeless alcohol-free fragrances created by TerraNova's founding family over 45 years ago. The Traditions Perfume Collection comprises some of TerraNova's original & best-selling floral & musk fragrances including China Rain, China Musk, and China Lily. For something a little more "earthy" try our Patchouli Essential Oil Perfume, an all natural unisex, aromatherapy fragrance that was recently featured in The Earth Day Issue of Essence Magazine as "the perfect perfume oil for patchouli lovers"!

For a modern twist on TerraNova Classic Traditions perfumes, we suggest trying one of our authentic fragrance creations: exotic Ile de Santal and fresh Oceana, which we brought back by popular demand!

Due to the pandemic, the industry is experiencing packaging shortages and shipping challenges. In addtion tariffs have caused large cost increases. In some cases, our fragrances are being packaged with a clear bottle with a shiny gold cap. Same great product inside!