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Aire Opening Assortment Kit -- BEST VALUE! Aire Body Oil with Silkening Vitamin E - 8.7 fl oz Bottle.

Our Price: (Members Only)

Our Price: (Members Only)
Aire Signature Collection Assortment
This Aire Opening Assortment Kit is the best value when launching this gorgeous new signature collection. You will receive 6 of everything, plus FREE testers, FREE lotion samplers and a FREE shelf talker! Order today and save!
Envelop skin in the luminous aroma of Aire, as you smooth on this luxurious oil to unveil a supple, sexy sheen.
Aire Body Lotion with Hydrating White Tea & Aloe - 8.45 fl oz Bottle. Boxed. Aire Perfume Essence - 0.33 fl oz Rollerball Bottle. Boxed.

Our Price: (Members Only)

Our Price: (Members Only)
Aire Body Lotion terra nova rain perfume essence
Make this ultra-silky moisturizer part of your daily beauty routine for healthy, supple skin. Rich in nature’s proven botanicals—anti-oxidant white tea and vitamin E, plus a proprietary blend of calendula, comfrey, oat and organic aloe—to soothe and renew troubled skin. Embrace your beauty with a touch of alcohol-free, luminous Aire perfume oil on pulse points.
Aire Body Wash with Softening Orchid - 8.7 fl oz Bottle Aire Cologne Mist - 1.65 fl oz Bottle. Boxed.

Our Price: (Members Only)

Our Price: (Members Only)
Aire Body Wash Aire Cologne Mist
Rediscover supple skin with this luxurious soap-free gel that washes away clean while adding essential moisture.
Rich in renewing orchid and white tea, plus aloe and oat to pamper and
Spray on graceful Aire and let it slip on with ease like a favorite soft  sweater. Its feminine, light-on-your-feet scent is always perfectly fitting.

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